Seminar 1 - Rennes - France

Seminar #1 – Trans Musicales

Rennes / France – From 4th to 6th December 2013
Topic : Artistic Programmation

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National organisations and contexts :

France – La FEDELIMA

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Netherlands – VNPF

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Spain – ACCES

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Belgium (w) – Court Circuit / Club plasma

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Results of the first seminar

Report of the seminar

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Glossary – Work in Progress

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Glossary produced during the first seminar : Glossary-work in progress

Seminar 2 - Amsterdam - Netherlands


Melkweg and P60 / Netherlands – 2nd, 3th, 4th april 2014
Topic : The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

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Seminar 3 - Vic - Spain

Mercat de la musica viva

Vic / Spain – 17th to 19th September 2014
Topic : Marketing and communication new challenges in the European live music sector

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Seminar 4 - Gent - Belgium

Glimps festival

Gent / Belgium – 10th,11th, 12th December 2014
Topic : Ticketing: from physical tickets to mobile tickets

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Seminar 5 - Copenhagen - Denmark


Denmark -3rd, 4th, 5th March 2015
Topic : Come on in, involve your user


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Seminar 6 - Bruxelles - Belgium


Belgium- 11th to 13th May 2015
Topic : Contracts between venues and artists

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